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I can't overstate the importance of a relaxed attitude in meditation. Even when there is no relaxation, we need to relax with that too. Anything that shows up is how it should be.


Today, I want to explore non reactivity to negative thoughts. I’ll dp this through a visualisation meditation I’ve created.

Now. Negative Thinking & seeing a negative are not the same thing…at all. There is a WORLD of different difference between the 2.

Negative thinking has the power to destroy you.

Seeing a negative thought and not reacting to it, not boarding the train of pain, this…has the power to free you.

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Many meditators get confused about where they should be following the breath. Some teachers say the abdomen, some the place in which it is most vivid and others the nostrils.

There is no right and wrong, they all bring results.

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Let It Be

Mindfulness, taken seriously, has the power to uproot our fears amd troubles. I speak today about my own journey with the fear of lonliness and finsh with a short guided meditation.

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Back after four quick years.

Let's get close to life :)


This week we look at cultivating mindfulness in all states of body and mind.


Today we look at Vipassana (Insight Meditation) with a short talk and a guided meditation.

This is followed by a reading on mindful stair walking.

Arrrrrrgh... I forgot to tell you to close your eyes. Anyway, close your eyes when I tell you to be seated.

Counting is a great tool to help us know that we've wandered away from the breath. Hope it works for you.

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This week I introduce walking meditation so grab your ipod and let's get some Vitamin D3.

A nice treat at the end 

Today, every time you have a chore to do that you dislike, that you procrastinate on or rush through with manic fury….pause in the process…watch the mind.
Watch the mind trying to get you to go as quickly as possible so you can be finished with the task. Don’t give in though, go even slower.


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