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Here we look at breath sensations throughout the body.


Taking Truths deep into the heart to change our experience of life.

Who Am I?

Our minds are made up of different personalities. Some positive, some negative. We’re not one solid unchanging person. Our minds are a battleground. Multiple personalities fight for dominance and circumstances and training determine who in our minds will take charge at the moment. Is it the one who wants to eat cake or the one who wants to be slim.

When we become more mindful we learn to interrupt the pattern of the negative mind and make a positive choice.

We are the one who is awake.


It's often the pause in the breath when the mind loses contact with the breath as sensations become even more subtle.

This meditation focuses on the pause stage to try to make us aware of the breath as a whole process. With practice, we can maintain contact with the energy of the breath and keep the string of mindfulness unbroken.

Let's sit together and build a superpower. Let's learn how to become  "Unshaken by the Raging Storm"

This is a quick eight minutes meditation you can practise regularly to build internal power.


I can't overstate the importance of a relaxed attitude in meditation. Even when there is no relaxation, we need to relax with that too. Anything that shows up is how it should be.

Today, I want to explore non reactivity to negative thoughts. I’ll dp this through a visualisation meditation I’ve created.

Now. Negative Thinking & seeing a negative are not the same thing…at all. There is a WORLD of different difference between the 2.

Negative thinking has the power to destroy you.

Seeing a negative thought and not reacting to it, not boarding the train of pain, this…has the power to free you.

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Many meditators get confused about where they should be following the breath. Some teachers say the abdomen, some the place in which it is most vivid and others the nostrils.

There is no right and wrong, they all bring results.

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Let It Be

Mindfulness, taken seriously, has the power to uproot our fears amd troubles. I speak today about my own journey with the fear of lonliness and finsh with a short guided meditation.

I can be reached at @mindfulness_man on twitter if you have questions.

Back after four quick years.

Let's get close to life :)

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