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Loving Kindness

Please excuse the lowfi tech this week. My computer and mic combination seem to have given up working properly so until that’s sorted I hope you still benefit from this podcast I’m its rawest form.

Mindful Eating, I believe is the answer to food addiction issues. Best- selling author, addiction expert and wonderful friend of mine Gillian Riley, agrees.

Join me in this conversation with her and if you're inspired, why not try the trial for her upcoming course at eatinglessonline.com

It's a struggle out there in the world right now, so we need to make our minds our allies rather than our enemies.

I've written these affirmations to help you to stop struggling and to dive inside of yourself for the strength that is always there.

Learn an incredibly powerful mindful communication technique called WAIT.


Self Compassion

Self Compassion is an incredibly powerful practice. Try this guided meditation and see for yourself just how self compassion can help us in our moments of need.

A live recording in which we meditate on birdsong. It sounds staged because one bird seemed to be interacting with me. I assure you it wasn’t. Maybe it was just a beautiful connection.

#birdsong #mindfulness #meditation

Loving Kindness

The boundless heart, the source of true joy. Here on solitary retreat, I dive into the heart and offer a short guided meditation practice.

A five minute breath meditation recorded on solitary retreat.

A very easy guided meditation in which we come to stillness and feel the gentle flow of the breath.

This is useful for anyone who says "I can't meditate"

Practise this daily to feel a great sense of peace in your life.

A conversation with Dr. Kirren on how self-compassion can help us with our mental health, followed by a great healing practice.


#Healing #selfcompassion #compassion #mindfulness

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