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Self Compassion

Self Compassion is an incredibly powerful practice. Try this guided meditation and see for yourself just how self compassion can help us in our moments of need.

A live recording in which we meditate on birdsong. It sounds staged because one bird seemed to be interacting with me. I assure you it wasn’t. Maybe it was just a beautiful connection.

#birdsong #mindfulness #meditation

Loving Kindness

The boundless heart, the source of true joy. Here on solitary retreat, I dive into the heart and offer a short guided meditation practice.

A five minute breath meditation recorded on solitary retreat.

A very easy guided meditation in which we come to stillness and feel the gentle flow of the breath.

This is useful for anyone who says "I can't meditate"

Practise this daily to feel a great sense of peace in your life.

A conversation with Dr. Kirren on how self-compassion can help us with our mental health, followed by a great healing practice.


#Healing #selfcompassion #compassion #mindfulness

There's a real magic that happens when we help others. This generosity is called dana in Buddhism. I truly believe bacause I see it in my own life, that helping others always benefits me. In fact, I would go as far as to say, I receive my greatest blessings from giving of myself to others; be that time, tuition, physical gifts or even a smile.

We are wired for altruism. How beautiful.

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This week for the first time ever, I am releasing an interview on this podcast. This is an interview with Susi Amendola, one of Dean Ornish's most senior teachers from his Lifestyle Medicine Program.

Please excuse my lack of interview skills, I promise they will improve.

A winter poem inspired by the longing for Spring.

I also encourage you to get outside with some walking meditation instruction and the benefits it has for us.


#mindfulness #meditation #poetry 

If we relax into the body and patiently wait in stillness, the breath will reveal itself. This is a much more relaxed approach to meditation that you might find useful if you are a striver.

“In stillness all that needs to be known, is shown.”

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