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Join us for a group meditation on loving kindness. This is a replay of the live class.

Come and join me in this gratitude meditation.

Try practising it daily for a week and see how powerful it can be.

Come and join me for a 15 minute Meditation.

A short seven minute meditation from the park.

This episode is about finding the wisdom of the breath at a much deeper level than just an object to focus on.

Mindfulness sees even the tasks we hate as an opportunity to grow.

Take this challenge with me. Every day for a week repeat this affirmation. The more you repeat it the more powerful its impact will be.



“I commit to challenging the things I find difficult in life and to perform them with mindfulness, knowing that self knowledge will grow much more from the difficult than the easy.”

There are so many ways in which we can boost the clarity of mind and stillness of body to help support our meditation practice.

Here I speak about the habits that I have discovered have worked for me.

Just Being

In this episode we look at mindfulness and the beauty it can bring into our lives just by being.

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Music By Gotama & Tim "Iron Keys"

Happy New Year.

This year you are going to get your meditation practice together.

This is the most helpful tool I've ever discovered to do that.

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Praise & Blame

The same hand that pats you on the back with praise could beat you in the next instance. Can you see that?

Can you see too that the praise you have received may have come by fortunate chance, you made little effort but here is praise.

Let's explore that now in a meditation.


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